07 July 2009

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05 July 2009


What is compassion? Is it the giving of food to the starving man? Is it the taking in of a cold, homeless person? Is it the healing of a sick woman struggling to live day to day? It is all of these and the love of one man with another man. The love of a woman and a woman, woman and man.

The Lord said to us all, in general terms, I am the bread of life, and I am the wine of human soul. He said to us, again in general terms, Eat of my flesh that you may have no hunger, and drink of my blood to slake your thirst. He asks for nothing from us, no money, no possessions, and no promises. He asks that we show compassion among each other. Give charity if you can, feed the poor when you can, take in the homeless when you can, slake the thirst of the parched when possible, and help heal the sick when you come upon them.

The Lord carried his cross so that all man may lose sin, but that is not enough, He gave us innocence at birth, baptism renewed our innocence but the Lord asks that we love one another. He does not like to see us at war, but sometimes they are necessary to help others. Rain is the tears of the Lord coming down in an attempt to wash corruption, hate, discontent, and anger from the world. But He needs help. His tears are not strong enough to erase hate, we must sow the seeds of love. His tears cannot remove corruption, we must sow the seeds of truth. His tears cannot make the discontent satisfied, we must sow the seeds of humbleness. His tears cannot erase wipe the emotion of anger from our heart, so we must sow the seeds of self control. Through doing this, we show the greatest compassion possible among man and woman. We show the Lord that we still believe in Him, that we love Him as much as he loves us, and that we love one another as if it were ourselves.